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Oil Poached Tomatoes

Posted by LeAnn Kurtz on

It's tomato season! They are ripe, sweet and so delicious this time of year, and sometimes we get so many we have to find new ways to use them. I absolutely love this delicious recipe I found in Bon Appetite Magazine. Whenever I find recipes, I add a little personal touch to make it my own!

And the smell is like heaven! Sweet garlicky, tomato-basil-rosemary goodness that will make your tummy growl!

Use this on crostini as a Bruschetta, pasta or for a rich, delicious sauce. Easy and yummy!



  • 1 head of garlic, cloves separated
  • 4 sprigs rosemary
  • Chopped, fresh Basil
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • About 1 pound of cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, or really, any tomatoes, but in half.
  • 1 tsp. kosher salt


Preheat oven to 300°. Toss tomatoes, garlic, rosemary sprigs, and basil, olive oil, and salt in a large baking dish.

Bake tomatoes until they are soft and skins begin to shrivel, 35–45 minutes. Let cool slightly, then discard stems of Rosemary. 



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LeAnn's Slow-Cooker Lentil Soup

Posted by LeAnn Kurtz on's hot, and you don't want to turn on the oven. And it's so nice to come home to a dinner already made! Serve this healthy delicious soup with a nice cool cucumber and tomato salad. It's perfect for a lazy, healthy summer meal!
2 cups green lentils, rinsed
4 cups chicken broth (or vegetable broth)
1 med yellow onion, diced
2 carrots, diced into large pieces
1 med yam or sweet potato, diced into large pieces
1 28 oz can diced tomatoes, drained
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 bay leaf
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp black pepper
1/8 teaspoon turmeric
1/4 teaspoon ground coriander (or, you can use Tandori Spice in place of the tumeric and coriander if you happen to have some)
1-2 large jalapenos, diced (To your taste. You can leave these out if you don't like it spicy)
  1. Rinse the lentils thoroughly (1-2 times).
  2. Add all ingredients to a crockpot, turn on low and cook for 5-6 hours. 

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20 Fabulous Ideas For All That Zucchini -- Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, even Dessert!

Posted by LeAnn Kurtz on

Summer is here, and anyone who has ever grown Zucchini knows how abundant it can be! Most of us get tired of the standard saute, or adding to spaghetti sauce, or baking massive amounts of zucchini bread. 
Here are some truly unique ideas that will help you LOVE your Zucchini this Summer!
And let's start with:
 1. Zucchini Waffles - This is part of the beauty of Zucchini. With it's mild flavor, you can sneak it into just about anything and it adds nutrition and moisture, only improving whatever you add it to.
2. Zucchini, Bacon, Gruyere Quiche - Because bacon and cheese make everything more delicious!
3. Tomato and Zucchini Frittata - A great way to use all those tomatoes too!
zucchini ricotta gallete
 4. Zucchini and Ricotta Galette - LOVE the crust on this one!
5. Zucchini Pancakes - Simply delicious.
6. Baked Panko Zucchini Fries - Panko adds the crunch for this delicious, healthier version of fries.
7. Spinach Zucchini Soup - A great healthy way to use a lot of garden goodies!
8. Zucchini Pizza - I make this a lot. It's easy and delicious. Sometimes I add loose spicy Italian sausage for a little extra kick!
zucchini fritters
9. Zucchini Fritters - Great for lunch, brunch, or appetizer. Any time!
10. Zucchini with Fresh Tomatoes and Mozzarella - A hearty, yummy salad. 
11. Summer Squash Tartine - The perfect appetizer for that Summer barbeque!
13. Turkey Zucchini Meatballs - A delicious twist on your standard meatball.
chicken, zucchini and prosciutto
14. Chicken, Zucchini and Prosciutto - The Prosciutto lends a ton of flavor this dish!
grilled lemon garlic zucchini
15. Grilled Lemon Garlic Zucchini - Super tasty and goes with any meal!
DESSERT: Yes, I said dessert!
zucchini cookies
16. Zucchini Cookies - Like I said, you can sneak zucchini into anything!
chocolate zucchini donuts
17. Triple Chocolate Zucchini Donuts - Who knew? But YUM!
blueberry zucchini cake lemon buttercream
18. Blueberry Zucchini Cake with Lemon Buttercream - Gorgeous cake and my person favorite!
ice cream zucchini
19. Zucchini Chip Sour Cream Ice Cream - How original! And you can sneak some veggies in for the little ones. 
chocolate zucchini cupcake
20. Chocolate Zucchini Cupcake - Because everything is better in chocolate!
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How Gardening Can Improve Your Mental And Emotional Health

Posted by LeAnn Kurtz on

Written by Guest Blogger Maria Cannon 


You may already know that gardening is amazing exercise for the body, but you might not be aware of all the other benefits that working in the dirt can bring. Gardening has been shown to improve brain health, boost mood and memory, and help with depression and addiction in those who are in recovery. Working outdoors with plants, veggies, and fruit can be extremely stimulating for the entire body and can provide a sort of calming therapy to those who have issues with anxiety or stress, which can cause physical ailments such as headaches and even heart attacks.

Studies have shown that working in a garden can lead to significant improvements in many mental ailments, including memory function, and many experts believe that gardening can decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50%. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder more and more people are starting gardens of their own.

Even if you don’t own a home or don’t have a large lawn to work with, you might be able to find a community garden or simply use a small trellis that will allow you to grow vine plants. Tending to your own little space, growing new things, and reaping the rewards when you can harvest them are all wonderful ways to decrease stress and find a way to relax. Here are a few more ways gardening can help you feel better.

It allows you to exercise.
For seniors or disabled individuals who have limited mobility, it can be difficult to find ways to exercise every day. Gardening allows everyone to work at their own pace and use several muscle groups, because it often involves bending, hauling dirt, kneeling, and using upper body strength. Light gardening--such as weeding or watering--is an option for those who don’t want to overdo it.

It provides therapy.
Working with plants in a garden has a calming effect. There is no time limit, there aren’t many rules, and you can be as creative as you want with the design of your landscape. Gardening is often called “horticulture therapy” because it allows a person to break away from the stresses of life, or from coping with recovery or PTSD, and focus on a positive, relaxed goal.

Work in the sun.
Working in the sun has many positive effects, the greatest of which is that it provides you with vitamin D, which can help treat high blood pressure, depression, and fatigue, among other things. It can also give your mood a boost and keep you feeling happy.

Eat better.
Studies have shown that people who grow their own fruits and veggies tend to eat healthier, so plant things you like to eat and bring them from your garden straight to the table. Eating a better diet can not only help you stay healthy physically, it can also improve your brain function and keep you feeling better altogether.

It can help you sleep.
Working hard in the dirt and getting out in the fresh air for a little while every day can help tire you out and relax you, which makes for a better night’s sleep. If you’re a troubled sleeper, consider doing some light gardening a few times a week to see if it makes a difference in your rest.

It can boost your self-esteem.
Working on something just for yourself--something that gives tangible results--can be a huge boost to your self-esteem and can help you learn how to think more positively. Not only that, it’s great for the environment, so you’ll have the knowledge that you’re doing something good for the planet.

Gardening is great in so many ways, and the beauty of it is, you can tailor it to fit your needs and space. If you have the time, try to work in some garden time a few times a week and plant your favorite things, which can help you be even happier in the long run.





Now you can make your own little vertical garden, indoors or out, even with limited space. Check out our collection of eco-friendly living green wall planters, made with 100% recycled PET plastic.  Check out our collections!

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Get Creative! How I Use "Old Junk" to Create Beauty in My Outdoor Spaces

Posted by LeAnn Kurtz on

I LOVE to repurpose old stuff that may otherwise get thrown away. I think it lends so much character and creativity to a yard or home. Here are several "junk" inspired creations from my yard, that cost from $0 to $8. The one exception was the deck, and even that whole project was under $130!  Add some funk to your space, save money and get creative!

1. Do you have old china lying around that doesn't match, or has a few chips? I found an old table I wasn't using, planted the teapot and cup, and they look really cute in my herb garden!


2.  An old wheelbarrow makes an excellent lettuce (or herb or flower) garden! You can just move it to the sun or shade, according to your needs!


3. I found these old wooden crates at a yard sale. $1 each. Bought 3, and tada! It makes a really cute plant display. You can use them for anything really. I have another one that holds books in my house.




4. How about a potting table built from old lumber scraps? It turned out a little shorter than I like, so I found an old wooden gate that had rotted and fell down, laid it flat and sat the table on top. It works perfect as a platform, giving it just the right height. 





5. I found this cow skull on a camping trip in the Arizona desert. Found the white rocks at an abandoned house down the street. They look really cute in my herb garden.


6. Have some old windows lying around? I actually started collecting them in hopes of using them to build a greenhouse. That hasn't happened, but they can be used as decorations in so many ways!


7. I bought the chair on the left for $4 at the Re-Store (Habitat for Humanity Store), and the one on the right for $3 at an antique shop. They always make really cute plant stands.



8. This plant stand in back of the potting table I made with a wood pallet, using a 4 X 4 cut into four legs. It serves as a little "deck" for my potted flowers.



9. The galvanised tubs make excellent planters too! I found this one at a yard sale for $5!


10. And last, but certainly not least, my wood pallet deck! I found pallets in really great shape at my local nursery and they sold them to me for $5 apiece. We levelled the pallets with pier blocks, at $1.50 apiece. I decided I wanted a nicer finish on the deck, so I bought deck wood at the Home Depot and we nailed that on top. Then, just a can of deck paint and done! I had the skinny wooden poles lying around so painted them the same color, nailed them on and used them to string the cute lights. I love my pallet deck!



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