Vertical Planter Information and Practices

Vertical Planter Information




Hanging: Each planter comes with two loops on the top, and the 7 pocket outdoor planter has additional holes with grommets around the top and sides. You can use the top loops to hang the planter with either nails, hooks, or screws, depending on how sturdy the surface wall is. On the 7 pocket planter, you can use the grommet holes as well.  It's best to find studs for nails. Screws can be placed in most walls, and when screwed all the way in, close to the surface, they are very stable. Just remember, planters can get quite heavy when filled with dirt and plants.

Planting: Every planter, whether for indoors or outdoors, can be planted in two ways. You can use quality soil and fill each individual pocket with soil, putting plants directly in pockets. This allows for roots to expand and grow, adding extra drainage and aeration. Plants outdoors will need a little extra water, as they do tend to dry out, especially in hot Summer months. 

Another way you can use indoor and outdoor planters is as a holder for your potted plants. You can slip potted plants directly into pockets. Ceramic pots are recommended for better drainage and aeration, but any pots can be used. This makes it easy to change and rearrange plants to your liking.

About Planters: Each planter is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles. We believe it's important to be stewards of the Earth and our concern for protecting it keeps us busy looking for new and innovative ways to do this. Each bottle that is turned into a planter is one less bottle that ends up in a landfill, or at the bottom of the ocean.