44" Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage House or Chicken Coop Outodoor
$ 149.00

$ 237.00

44" Wooden Rabbit Hutch Cage House or Chicken Coop Outodoor

  • This outdoor wood hutch is an ideal combination of freedom and safety, offering a perfect haven for your lovely pet friends like chickens, bunnies, guinea pigs, and other small animals. Designed in rustic style, it is a great addition to your backyard and the landscape.

  •  This two-story wooden hutch contains an indoor and outdoor area, offering an open but enclosed space to run as well as a cozy shelter to rest. A ramp with timber ridges connects the two parts, giving quick and easy access.

  •  Made from high-quality manufactured pinewood ,this hutch is weatherproof, sturdy, safe and durable for years. The construction of pet-friendly galvanized wire grid ensures your monitoring of the pets and enables your pets to keep an eye on the surroundings and get enough fresh air. Its pitched asphalt roof keeps rain away to provide a perfect sleeping area.

  •  Two doors equipped with delicate slide-bolt latches make your pet friends easy to access and are convenient for you to feed them. The Ventilation window ensures to offer your beloved pets a comfortable and light private rest area.

  • Comes with a pull-out tray, a removable side grid area and two doors, the hutch is easy to clean thoroughly. It is also easy to assemble according to the step-by-step manual.