Nature Clean Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaners Strips 36 count, Plastic-F
$ 21.95

$ 47.00

Nature Clean Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaners Strips 36 count, Plastic-Free Packaging, Natural Toilet Cleaner Septic Safe, Refresh Toilets & Bathroom. No Splash

Brand: Nature Clean
Item Form: Strips
Scent: Lime
Specific Uses For Product: Toilet
Item Volume: 36 Liters

Safe and Non-Toxic: Our eco-friendly toilet bowl cleaner strips are free from harsh chemicals, phosphates, and chlorine. They are septic-safe and biodegradable, making them a responsible choice for your home and the planet.
Powerful Cleaning: Our Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips are specially formulated to tackle tough stains, mineral deposits, and odors, leaving your toilet bowl spotless and smelling fresh
Easy-to-Use: Simply drop a strip into the toilet bowl, let it dissolve, stir, brush and flush. No plastic bottle and messy liquids required.
Long-Lasting: With 36 strips in each pack, you'll enjoy months of effortless toilet cleaning. Keep your bathroom looking its best without constantly replenishing your cleaning supplies.
Fresh Scent: Nature Clean Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips leave behind a pleasant, natural scent of lemon, ensuring your bathroom always smells inviting.
Safe for All Toilets: Our strips are safe for use in all types of toilets, including porcelain, ceramic, and septic tank systems. You can trust Nature Clean to deliver superior cleaning without causing damage.