Ecosewave Toilet Bowl Cleaner Sheets,160 Cleans, Lemon,Septic Safe,Pla
$ 26.00

Ecosewave Toilet Bowl Cleaner Sheets,160 Cleans, Lemon,Septic Safe,Plastic-Free Packaging,Eco Friendly, Toilet Bowl Cleaner Strips Great For Apartments, Dorms,Vanlife

Brand: ecosewave
Item Form: sheets
Scent: Lemon
Item Volume: 160 Liters

Deep Cleaning: Toilet bowl cleaner uses cleaning enzymes to remove tough stains. It does not contain any bleach or chlorine and will not harm your carpets and floors. Clean your toilet quickly and easily without splashing, spraying, or messy cleanup. Very suitable for daily use.
Safe Ingredients :Toilet bowl cleaner uses natural lemon essential oil and cleaning enzyme ingredients that are biodegradable and friendly to your toilet and septic system.
Space Saving: Occupy little space in your drawer or cabinet. As they are as light and thin as pieces of paper, Great for Bathrooms in various places such as family bathrooms, student dormitories, offices, RVs, lakeside villas, etc. No burden or clutter, No need to lug around heavy liquids, no need to measure. Easy to use and store.
Eco-Friendly & Zero Waste: All the ingredients in EcoseWave like surfactants and enzymes are friendly to the environment and can be easily decomposed. In addition, EcoseWave is packaged in an eco-friendly cardboard box, instead of a single-use plastic container. This choice is more sustainable, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly than plastic. No plastic bottles, no plastic pollution!
What we pursue is to make cleaning more convenient and eco-friendly. We will insist on environmentally friendly products and strive to develop green communities. We will continue to update environmentally friendly products. Let’s take the opportunity to heal the world. Join EcoseWave Family today!