Cleancult Dish Soap Liquid Refills (32oz, 3 Pack) - Dish Soap that Cut
$ 42.95

Cleancult Dish Soap Liquid Refills (32oz, 3 Pack) - Dish Soap that Cuts Grease & Grime - Free of Harsh Chemicals - Paper Based Eco Refill, Uses 90% Less Plastic - Lemon Verbena

Brand: Cleancult
Item Form: Liquid
Scent: Lemon Verbena
Specific Uses For Product: Dishwasher, Dish Set
Material Feature: Biodegradable, Natural

CLEAN ALWAYS MEANS CLEAN: Clean isn’t just a state, it’s a feeling we facilitate. Our dishwashing liquid converts dirty dishes into sparkling clean ones, all while leaving your hands soft and smooth and your home plastic free.
IN SAFE HANDS: Cleancult liquid dish soap is made from natural ingredients, like aloe and essential oils, and our clear liquid formulas are free from harsh chemicals while being gentle on your skin and the planet.
REFILLING NOT LANDFILLING: Each dish soap refill uses eco friendly, paper-based, 100% recyclable packaging. No secret handshakes or ceremonial robes. Just a clean refill system made with 90% less plastic.
A CLEANER KIND OF CULT: We only use the good stuff to keep your dishes clean and your skin healthy. Our natural dish soap formulas are always made without phthalates, phosphates, petroleum based ingredients, dyes, SLS, & SLES.
SMELLS LIKE CLEAN SPIRIT: Prepare to be enlightened as you cleanse your hands with the heavenly scents of our dish soap refills. Our premium fragrances mark the accomplishment of a job well done.