Amazing Outdoor Wedding Ideas –

Amazing Outdoor Wedding Ideas

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I am running this blog post again because it's been one of my most popular, and it's almost "wedding season" again! So enjoy!!!

Who does't love a wedding? And there's something extra special about saying your vows outdoors in nature, enjoying family and friends in a more relaxed environment. I did it! Twice! you know. My first wedding was in my parent's back yard in the beautiful Napa Valley, surrounded by vineyards. The second time, (and now my current, and final one), was at the beach in Northern California. My daughter was married in a rustic old barn. They were all beautiful ceremonies. 

I happen to adore upcycled, repurposed, DIY, and vintage decor, so if this is for you, here are some amazing ways to make your wedding memorable with unique, rustic and very affordable ideas. I think lighting, plants and those personal touches are so important, and your creativity really makes it your own.
































Check out our Vertical Garden Collection for some beautiful, creative ways to display plants at your outdoor OR indoor wedding!


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